Address:  Box 1083, Lakeville
                  Massachusets 02347-1083

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Association Board of Directors Meeting
Sunday, April 8, 2018
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Welcome to Our ​​
Clark Shores Lake Community!
Our Lake Community

May 2017

         Clark Shores is a private lake community nestled along the shores and hills of Long Pond in Lakeville, Massachusetts. We were called Bueno Vista when we opened in the 1950s. In the 1980s, we were renamed to Clark Shores. 

       Today, our community has about 380 privately owned houses. These include both “seasonal summers only” cottages and “year round” residences.

        Our residents take full advantage of Long Pond. It is a full recreational lake with swimming, boating, and fishing. Our beaches, boat ramp, and community rec hall are available for the ​private​ ​use of our members\residents and their guests.
   Map of the Clark Shores Community

​The Clark Shores Community is managed by the Clark Shores Association. 

  • We are a non-profit organization.
  • All current owners are members of the association. Members who are up to date with fee payments are members in good standing.
  • Members are responsible for paying an annual betterment fee. Currently, it is $200.
  • This fee covers the cost of maintaining roads, beaches, the community hall, boat ramp, and association events/activities.
  • Those members who use the boat ramp pay a $20 two-year fee. A key is provided to access the ramp. Members should not share their boat ramp access with others.
  • The community recreation hall is available to members for rental.
  • Our beaches are for the private use of our owners, current residents, and their guests. Outsiders and former owners/residents must be accompanied by a current owner/resident in good standing.
  • Please refer to the By-laws on the By-laws Page for restrictions on camping. This can be found at the end of the By-laws in the Appendices.
The Association By-laws provide guidance for living in and managing our community.  Our Board of Directors use these to address the concerns of the community and to maintain the roads, beaches, boat ramp, community recreation hall, and other areas. All members and the public are encouraged to attend board meetings

T​he community water system is not owned or managed by the Clark Shores Association.
It is owned and operated by the Clark Shores Water Corporation. 
They have  their own Facebook page. Their telephone number is (508) 946-9641. 

Please contact them directly for questions or assistance.​

For more information about our Clark Shores Association

  • Please explore the blue and white page links above.
  • Members - For day to day operations and concerns, please go to the Clark Shores Association Facebook page.